"He’s not your son,” said Sirius quietly.

He’s as good as,” said Mrs. Weasley fiercely.

Bless Mrs. Weasley



This is perfect.

I’m so glad he’s guarding our galaxy

The Dalek Invasion Of Earth (1964)

w h e r e   d o   w e   g o   f r o m   h e r e


Relationship goals.


nine: don’t wander off

ten: don’t wander off

eleven: don’t wander off




nobody can convince me Wally isnt the cutest person in existance

Brave Heart, Doctor (a short fanfic)

The Doctor ran for his life, lasers beams blazing past his head.  “Delete”, said a voice to his left.  He dropped into a roll just as another laser beam was fired where he was just a moment before.  He needed to get to the TARDIS, but the Cybermen were smart.  They had surrounded it just after he landed.  His escape was blocked, but the Doctor was confident he’d find a way out of it.  He always did.  He was an extremely clever man.

He ran toward the TARDIS, ducking and weaving.  Cybermen coming from the rear, Cybermen ahead standing around the TARDIS.  He slowed his run and reached into his coat pocket.  His hand came popping out accompanied by the delightful whirring of his sonic screwdriver.  He aimed at the lead Cyberman that was by the door of the TARDIS.  The Cyberman’s chest exploded in a brilliant flash of red and yellow.

The Doctor stopped dead in his tracks and looked at the sonic screwdriver in his hand.  He hadn’t even pushed the button yet and the Cyberman was down.  He looked at the remaining Cybermen who were now advancing on him.  There were three of them and they looked quite menacing.  Before the Doctor could raise the sonic screwdriver again, three blasts came from his right and laser beams hit each of the Cybermen in the chest with precision.  The Doctor spun to his right and there stood a lone Cyberman with his arm cannon raised.  “Run, Doctor”, said the Cyberman.  When the Doctor stood still, looking confused, the Cyberman repeated his order.  “Run, Doctor.”

The Cyberman raised his arm cannon and aimed it over the Doctor’s shoulder.  The Doctor spun around to see the Cybermen that had been chasing him stomping down the hallway.  This set the Doctor into action.  He ran for the TARDIS doors as the lone Cyberman fired on his own people, providing cover.  The Doctor made it to the door of the TARDIS and threw it open.  He turned just as the lone Cyberman took a laser beam to the leg, stumbled and fell to the ground.

The Doctor, being a curious creature, wondered why the Cyberman was helping him.  There was only one way to find out, wasn’t there?  He stepped out from the TARDIS and gripped the Cyberman under his arms.  Dragging the metal man was difficult, but the Doctor was determined and made it through the door.  He slammed the door and laughed loudly.  Now was the time to satiate his curiosity.

“Why did you attack your own people?  Why did you save me?” he asked the Cyberman, who had pulled himself into a sitting position against the railing.

“Programming malfunction.  Unknown virus detected.  Delete.  Delete.”  The Cyberman raised his hand to his face and tore at it.  Eventually, he had managed to rip the faceplate off and underneath, smiling at the Doctor, was the face of an ordinary man.  “Ah, that’s a bit better”, he muttered.  “Sorry about that but this thing’s been trying to force me to be one of them for a while now.  The name’s Trevor.  Trevor Scott.  It’s a pleasure to meet you, Doctor.”

The Doctor, even more confused by this jovial nature, shook his head.  “Are you telling me that you fought off the Cybemen technology?  That’s quite the mental battle.  I mean, I’ve done it before, but I’m clever.”

The Cyberman, Trevor, pushed himself to his feet.  “Doctor, you need to take me to the sun.  As close as you can get.  I want to see it once more before I die.”  The Doctor, not wanting to refuse a dying man’s last wish, especially one who had just saved his life, walked to the controls and started flipping switches and turning knobs.  The whine of the TARDIS engine brought a smile to Trevor’s face.  The engine slowed to a halt and the Doctor walked to the doors and threw them open.  The sun took up most of the view from the doorway.  Trevor held onto the door for support, closed his eyes and smiled as the sunlight caressed the skin on his cheeks.  “I’d forgotten how warm it is”, he said, slowly stepping backward into the TARDIS.  “I didn’t realize it was you until I saw your face, Doctor.  It all makes sense now.  The bedroom window.”  He laughed lightly.  “You’re welcome.”

The Doctor shook his head.  “You’re not making any sense, man.  I can get you help.  I can take you-”

“They’re tracking you, Doctor.  They’re using me to track you.  They’ll be right on top of wherever my body is.  My calculations say they’ll be here any moment.”

The Doctor started to move toward the console of the TARDIS, but Trevor stopped him with a raised hand and three words.  “Brave heart, Doctor.”

“What did you say?”  The words were still forming on his lips when Trevor, the man who was too human to become a Cyberman, pushed himself into motion.  He charged down the walkway and leaped out the doors into the vacuum of space, aiming himself directly at the sun.

“No!” the Doctor shouted, reaching out as if to grasp at Trevor.  It was a futile gesture.  The man was already out the doors and halfway to the sun.  Suddenly, a Cyberman carrier materialized.  Exactly as Trevor had predicted, they were right on top of his body.  “They’re here”, muttered the Doctor, momentarily panicked.  Then, a sad smile crept onto his face.  “They’re here, but they’re also very close to that sun.  Too close.  Oh, you are clever.  A very clever Trevor.”

Alarms blared and lights flashed all over the Cyberman carrier.  The thrusters burst into action, trying to push the ship away from the sun, but the Doctor knew it was too late.  They were doomed.  Just as Trevor had planned.  Brave heart, Doctor.  The phrase rung in his head like a dinner bell.  That phrase was so familiar to him, yet he couldn’t place it.

The Doctor ran to the TARDIS console and started running a program to pull up every Trevor Scott in history.  There were several of them, but finally the picture showed the face of the man who had just sacrificed himself to take down a whole crew of Cybermen.  “Trevor Scott”, the Doctor read aloud.  “American.  Lived in New York most of his life.  Born 1973.  Parents: Andrew Scott and Tegan…”  The Doctor held back a surprised laugh.  “Tegan Scott (nee Jovanka).”

A flash of memory surfaced in the Doctor’s mind.  Him adjusting the celery on his lapel.  His companion complaining about a situation and his response.  “Brave heart, Tegan.”

The Doctor ran around the console again, flipping switches and twisting knobs.  “New York, here I come.”

*       *       *

The TARDIS materialized half a block away from the Scott household.  The Doctor straightened the piece of celery he had applied to his lapel and strolled down the street.  It was night and there was a humid warmth in the air.  As he approached the Scott’s place, he heard a female voice saying “Delete!”

He ran around the side of the house and peeked into a window.  A little boy lay in bed and his mother was just finishing a ravishing tale.  “And that, Trevor, is how the Doctor stopped the Cybermen.  Now, it’s time for bed.”

“Just one more.  Please?” the child begged, but his mother stood firm.  The Doctor recognized that look.  It was a look he had seen on Tegan’s face many times.  Slight annoyance mixed with overwhelming love.  “No more for tonight” she said, “but if you’re good tomorrow, I’ll tell you about the time the Doctor fought the Daleks.”

The child smiled brightly, the same smile the Doctor had seen on the older Trevor’s face.  “Brave heart, mom” he said.  She smiled back and replied “Brave heart, Trevor.”  She turned out the light and walked out into the hallway.  The Doctor looked at the boy as he was drifting off to sleep and realized what he had to do.  He crept closer to the window and knocked gently on the frame.  The boy jumped and then looked curiously at the man standing in his window.  “Who are you?”

 The Doctor smiled and said “That doesn’t matter.  I just came to say thank you.  Thank you, Trevor.  You don’t know yet, but what you did means the world to me.  So, thank you.”  He then unpinned the piece of celery from his lapel and laid it on the window sill.  The boy looked utterly confused and asked “Are you okay, mister?”

The Doctor replied “Much better now, Trevor.  Much better now.”  He slowly walked back to the TARDIS and thought to himself how much he could use another traveling companion.  He’d been alone for some time now and it’s always better to have some brave heart traveling by your side.

favorite fictional females | helena (orphan black)

"In Ukraine, I was police detective. I shot many criminals. Then I was brilliant scientist, but I quit to be with my family. Divorced, after rehab drinking problems. But now I am with my sestra, having adventures.